Premium Tilapia from Belize

Belize’s Premier Tiliapia Farm

Welcome to Fein Catch. Belize’s premier Aquaculture production facility able to, and planning to, market up to seven million pounds of top quality Tilapia annually. This is the home of a reimagined aquaculture venture in Belize. Rising from the remains of an old operation, we have undertaken a wholesale renovation direction with the intent of reviving and restoring Tilapia production to a state exceeding its historical best, and better than those in its last years of operation.

We take great pride in our operation. The entire management of the facility, combined with the expansions and renovations now complete, will allow us to produce some of the finest restaurant quality whole fish, or fish fillets, anywhere. At present we have taken our original setting and begun increasing its size and scope to better handle a healthy, vital farm.

To utilize our 600 acres, we created 142 ponds which will make Fein Catch a major producer of top quality Tilapia primarily for U.S. and neighboring markets, where we can process, prepare and ship our fresh product to Miami and beyond by air every day. Apart from our international exports, we are also proud suppliers of Fein Catch Tilapia to many of Belize’s finest resorts and restaurants, such as: Radisson, Celebrity Cruises, Elvi’s Kitchen, Coco Beach Resort, Ramon’s Village, Captain Morgan’s Retreat, and others.

The Aquaculture community in Belize is a growing sector that originated with shrimp and is rapidly expanding its offerings in global markets. Fein Catch is proud to be affiliated with the various agencies involved in developing Belize especially in this sector.