Our Tilapia

Through our closed vertically integrated production system, all of our Tilapia is carefully monitored and managed throughout their lifecycle. Our fish is some of the finest the market has to offer. Raised in healthy green water re-circulation ponds we bring both prepared whole fish, and fine cut fillets to market. Our Tilapia are selected not only for palatability, but as vegetarian fish they have very low levels of mercury and grow fast and lean. They are low in saturated fats, calories, carbohydrates and sodium. These Tilapia are good sources of protein and contain the micro-nutrients phosphorous, niacin, selenium, vitamin B12 and potassium.

Productive Cycle

The Fein Catch Tilapia farm’s vertically-integrated set up is a complete production facility from top to bottom. This includes: owning brood stock and producing fry, growing fish to market size of 900 g, and processing fish into fresh, boneless, skinless fillets, in our plant. The fillets can then be air-freighted daily to our clients and distributors in Miami, Mexico and Guatemala.

The earthen ponds of this project, combined with mechanical aeration systems, result in minimal fresh water pumping from the river, and allows only for compensation against evaporation and seepage loss. The design of the Tilapia Farm is based on “green-water” re-circulation, through a green-water reservoir pond system. This method has each pond acting as a significant part of an overall bio-zone within an indefinitely sustainable system.


Growth Potential

Fish for fillet has a complete cycle of 360 days:

  • Nursery: 1-80 grams 90 days, 28 fish per m2
  • GO-1: 80-320 grams 100 days, 8 fish m2
  • GO-2: 320-900 grams 170 days, 3 fish m2

Whole fish has a complete cycle of 220 days:

  • Nursery: 1-80 grams 90 days, 28 fish m2
  • GO-2: 80-500 grams 130 days, 4.5 fish m2

High technology for live fish transfer to purging tank which maintains a cooling temperature of 26o C. All fish are sorted by size for all stages.