Fein Catch Belize (FCM) will produce Nile Tilapia (Red Tilapia or Oreochromis niloticus), the most common tilapia variety chosen for its excellent quality and taste, as well as its ability to thrive in pond situations and withstand temperature variations. These fish are produced both for the whole fish market and the fillet market.

The farm is vertically integrated with hatchery ponds, nursery systems, production ponds and processing facilities to maintain quality controls throughout the lifecycle and to ensure an exceptional marketable product. Whole fish are generally matured to a plate size of 500 grams, while fillet fish are grown to a larger 900 grams allowing for full cut fillets, packaged completely boneless.

The fish are also available in several different market styles.

  • Premium loin fillets range from 3-5 oz., 5-7oz., or 7 oz. or more (85 – 200 grams each) in size, and are available with or without skin.
  • Whole fish are available complete, cleaned, with or without gills, with or without scales and run a plate size at 15-45 oz.s (450 – 1000 grams).

All of our fish augment their natural foraging with a healthy diet of high protein food fed to them three times per day, and live antibiotic free lives.

Already, in our short time in production we are shipping locally, to neighbouring countries, the US, and soon to Canada.

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