Our operation is based on the expertise from some of the greatest minds in the aquaculture industry, creating a sustainable, long-term, efficient operation self-contained within our property. By maximizing the effective use of our 600 acres, we will be able to maintain and control the entire process within the facility. Part of this is achieved through the use of a Green Water Recirculation system which provides a self-contained biotic environment with minimal impact on local water sources, or the need for waste dumps. This system is expandable and sustainable at high yield levels, and will be utilized across our facilities. More details can be seen in our Quality and Environment page.

It is of course our intent that Fein Catch will continue as a thriving asset of the Belize economy, making a mark in the aqua-culture industry, and by utilizing sustainable practices, create employment and contribute to the vitality of La Democracia and Belize as a whole.