Originally founded in 2002, Fein Catch Belize became the only commercial Tilapia farming operation in the country. Difficulty arose when financial perspectives and operations were forced to minimize. Eventually production ceased. With the purchase by Feinstein Group in January of 2014, and the subsequent rebranding of the farm to Fein Catch Belize, we will be able to draw on the international expertise originally developed in the operation by APT and the Mena Group. We can take advantage of the excellent engineering, already the foundation of the farm, and develop an effective, safe, stable, long term operation. While many aspects of the operation pose new challenges, we are grateful for the guidance and input we have received from former owner Emil Mena. His knowledge of the facility, processes, customers, and operations has been instrumental in our transition. We will continue to work with professionals and bring in additional expertise as we grow.

Our intent is to return to, then exceed, the former peak yield of over four million pounds of top quality fish fillet annually.  Recent statements regarding Fein Catch Belize, like the one below, give us hope for the immediate and long term future.

In a move seen as a “major shot in the arm” for the industry, The Feinstein Group of Companies rescued the former Fresh Catch Tilapia Farm from receivership in January of 2014. The firm’s inspired venture into aquaculture will bring this important business fully back into operation with pond rehabilitation, which began shortly after purchase, and restocking. Earthworks have been completed for two blocks of ponds on the 600-acre farm. The two blocks consist of 143 fish ponds with an impressive initial yield expectancy of over two million pounds of fillet per year, and a full capacity of up to 7 million pounds. Fein Catch started harvesting in January 2015.

As part of our ongoing commitment to maximize the success of the fish farm operation, we have applied for and received all required permits and certificates to operate our Belizean company in an international market.  Since our incorporation in February of 2013 we have been granted all, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ministry of Economic Development, Commerce, Industry and Consumer Protection, Certificate of Compliance;
  • Export Process Zone approval;
  • Environmental Compliance Plan approval; and,
  • U.S Food and Drug Admin. (FDA) Registration.